Gemini participated in a dynamic gathering of logistics professionals put together by AGCT (Adriatic Gate Container Terminal) in Rijeka, marking another successful year for the company. With a rich history of more than fifty years in port operations, AGCT is committed to utilizing its strategic geographic location to provide a smooth entry point to Central and Southeast Europe. Recognizing its vital role in the broader logistics system, AGCT is dedicated to delivering a seamless service, ensuring efficient connections with all rail and road links and offering additional services for container handling. Situated in the North Adriatic region with strong rail and road connections to Central and Southeast Europe, AGCT, as the largest port in Croatia, serves destinations such as Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, and Slovakia. Recently, AGCT has expanded its intermodal rail terminal and has access to nearby warehousing, transport services, and container depots. Looking ahead, AGCT is focused on future business opportunities and projects to further enhance its services and capabilities in the region.

Foto: Gemini

Author: AKM