In October 2022, took place the international conference in field of logistics and the supply chain – the “World of Freight” WOF Expo 2022 in the memorable and unforgettable city of Prague, where international speakers discussed the latest trends and insights from the world of logistics and the supply chain. Some hot topics of discussion were digitalization like Blockchain, AI the future of human resources in logistics, sustainable approach within logistics, introducing green warehouse projects, sustainable city logistics and e-mobility solutions. Among many notable companies at the WOF Expo were also Budapest Airport, Amazon, Quick Cargo Service, C.H. Robinson, Cargosoft, CEVA, DSV, DB Cargo Eurasia, Euromar, Turkish Cargo, Freightify, Fedex, Luka Koper, Neon Freight, Proglove, Vienna Airport, TEU, Wings on board and MSC and so were we.

How does GEMINI fit into the category of notable companies?

Since its inception on the market in 1991, GEMINI has provided its clients and business partners with logistics solutions involving customs clearance and tax representation, with the goal of delivering goods to their final destination at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time. The additional value to its clients and business partners is offered through customs clearance, as GEMINI is using its own customs and transit guarantee, having the advantage that all services are done in the same working space. Avoid challenges which are caused by communication between (or with) additional customs brokers added into the supply chain – all this has been confirmed with AEO (F) certificate since 2011 and it is putting GEMINI high on the list of complete solution-providers in the Port of Koper and the North Adriatic area.

How does GEMINI see the future in terms of sustainable approach within logistics?

At GEMINI, we are aware that reducing CO2 in print will keep our beautiful planet in good condition and its ability to regenerate itself, as we witnessed in the time of global lockdown in 2020. Remember: our focus is on supply chain optimization, where current solutions can have immediate effects and follow the trends of remembable energies, to suggest and explore the possibilities of long-term solutions with innovative and out-of-the-box ideas and approaches with our clients and business partners.

Is GEMINI innovative company in logistics and supply chain in terms of freight forwarder?

The supply chain has several critical moments at which goods can get stuck, and the delays are always costly. At GEMINI, we are facing this challenge with the advance preparation of documentation and customs procedures in advance, as the primary critical moment is the customs clearing process. To optimize the supply chain, we are using “preclaring’’ so goods can’t get stuck, since the delays are always costly, and we can start the import or fiscal customs clearing procedure while the goods are still on the vessel. The main advantage is the information flow, as in case of any documentary or physical inspection, we are notified straight after discharge of the container to the terminal. In the case of repeated imports, the chance of inspections is lower, and after the goods are discharged to the terminal, they are customs cleared and can be loaded onto a truck or train straight away.